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Economical Air Cooling with Portable AC

Portable air conditioners are gaining popularity in many homes now because of the economical operation costs. The portable air conditioner is preferred to the fixed window air conditioners because it can be rolled around the house, cooling only the room that is occupied. Window air conditioners are also more expensive since they require installation. Even the best portable air conditioning units 2015 have disadvantages as well. They are less powerful in making the room cool compared to a conventional air conditioner, make a louder noise while operating, and some models may need you to empty the condensed water bucket regularly.

There are a few variations in the design of a portable air conditioner. Two different types of condenser may be used. The remote condenser hangs out of the window with an included slider kit, just like a split system in a window air conditioner, while the ducted condenser has a duct mounted in the rear that exhausts air. A portable air conditioner may evaporate the condensed water from the air through the exhaust, or it collects the water in a bucket that you need to empty daily.
Portable air conditioners are usually rated in BTU or British Thermal Units. Some portable air conditioners are rated in HP or Horsepower. This indicates the device’s capacity of cooling a certain size room and is often found in the description or label that comes with the product. This rating is important to know before buying so that you will buy a unit that is effective for the room you intend to cool. There are plenty of websites online that provide a chart or guideline on determining which capacity rating you need for different room sizes. It is recommended that you choose the capacity needed for the biggest room you want to cool in your house.

Some portable air conditioners double as a heater. Those that only cool but do not heat are less expensive, but if you need a heater in the cold months anyway you might as well save money and storage space by getting a multipurpose unit.

It is recommended that you close your doors, windows and blinds even when you run the best portable AC, because then it will take less time to cool down the room. Reaching the optimum temperature in less time means less energy used and lower operation costs. If your portable air conditioner is set to Auto mode, then it will automatically maintain the cool temperature in the room. Therefore running with closed blinds, doors and windows is relatively economical.

To maintain the effectiveness of your portable air conditioner unit, there is some work involved. Like conventional air conditioners, portable units also have air filters to trap the dust and particles that come with the air flow. If you use the portable air conditioner every day or quite often, there is a need to wash the air filters each month. The accumulated dust will block the air flow and make the portable air conditioner less effective in cooling the room.

Besides portable air conditioner, you can consider getting the best humidifier and air purifier if you want to improve your indoor air quality. We have spend most of our time indoor either in the office or in the home, so it’s important to pay a little bit attention to our quality of air indoor. Is it too hot? too dry? too dusty. All these problems might be able to solve it using portable air conditioner, humidifier and air purifier.

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This Year’s Camping was a Blast

camping funMy family and I love camping at least once in a year and more so, towards the end of the year. We love the fact that camping brings us together and that it brings so much fun and contentment. When we are back from camping, we all feel refreshed and can’t help but look forward to the next year to experience more fun. However, this year’s camping was definitely a blast. My husband and I introduced something new that our girls loved very much- an air bed. Unlike in the past when we would lie on mats at night, we invested in two air beds this year and we are glad we did.

My husband is definitely one in a million. He is always looking for ways to make each camping more wonderful and exciting than the previous ones. A friend of his had recommended an air bed and he was so determined to find a good one on the internet. I remember how excited I was when he told me about it and we started searching on the internet right away. Since I have always depended on product reviews, I decided to read several air bed reviews, to know what to expect at the very least. In the process, one review, I believe the best twin air bed review, caught my attention. The consumer had used a twin air bed in exactly the same way we intended to use the one we were about to purchase. After reading the whole review, I was sure we wanted to experience the same thing she had experienced with her best friend.

We wanted something that could comfortably accommodate my husband and I and the girls separately. We fit in very well and the nights were amazing- for a moment I forgot that we were in the middle of nowhere. Basically, we experienced comfort, convenience and great relaxation time during the nights that we spent camping. Specifically, the pains and aches that one feels when they wake up in the morning reduced considerably. I don’t know what will be different next year, but in the meantime I am still excited about the events we held during our camping this year.

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From power suits to diapers: Tales of a stay-at-home mom


The transition from the corporate world to motherhood came with numerous challenges for me. I mean, who thinks it is easy to adjust from power suits and board meetings to diapers and meetings with the pediatrician more times than I can count? Suffice to say, this is so far one of the best phases of my life. Having another little human being look up to me is possible the most fulfilling experience. The choice to be a stay-at-home mom and raise my son was decided upon after a lot of deliberation with my partner.

That said, the schedule of a stay-at-home mom is as erratic as can be. Sleep becomes an elusive thing, and bibs and burps become an everyday thing. The drastic change meant I had to find ways to cope with the numerous chores at home as well as attend to motherly duties and still make time for myself! Talk about a delicate balancing act. The first step was, of course, gadgets that will make life easier. One of the gadgets that has proved quite useful is the garment steam cleaner.

Shirts (1)

A garment steamer, in my opinion, provides a great alternative to the conventional steam iron. I settled for a garment steamer as opposed to a steam iron because I realized I ended up burning most of the clothes in a huff to attend to the baby. In addition, garment steamers have different settings for a wide range of fabrics, therefore improving versatility of use. The fact that I can use it to get rid of wrinkles while the garment is still on the hanger makes it all too easy. So with this information, I set out to search for the best garment steamer brands.

Many of the brands available in the market provide the option of three types of garment steam cleaners: standing steam cleaners, handheld steam cleaners as well as travel steam cleaners. Standing garment cleaners are ideal for use at professional laundry stations as well as at home. Travel garment cleaners on the other hand, are portable lightweight gadgets that can easily be packed when on the go.

Handheld steamers are a middle ground of sorts between the standing and travel garment cleaners. They are similar in size to travel steam cleaners, but have significantly bigger water storage areas coupled with the effective operations of a standing garment steam cleaner. I opted for the standing garment steam cleaner owing to the ease of operation. The rod is elongated enough to allow easy operation. To be able to tick one item off my crazy to-do list makes a world of difference for a stay-at-home mom!

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From Shopping Bags to Sewing Needles

I love shopping. I used to spend hours at clothing retailers and thrift stores trying on clothes and picturing outfits that I could make with my selections. Over time though, two things happened: I got into vintage clothing and I gained weight after having two kids. Just my really, because my tastes had shifted to a more niche market and the same time that became more difficult to find things in my size. Plus-size selections are not that great anywhere, but just try looking for a 1960’s polka dot dress for a 42-inch waist and you’d probably have better luck finding water in the desert. And, of course, any clothes I did find were ridiculously expensive.

sew girls dress

One day, I decided to try my hand at altering my clothes by myself. I looked up some online tutorials for altering clothes and what to buy. I didn’t know if I would be any good at it, so I decided to start small. I would begin by doing slight alterations, adding fabric to clothes that were just a few sizes too small, and then hopefully move on to making my own outfits. I wasn’t really ready to make a large financial commitment and get an expensive sewing machine, but I also wanted one that was durable enough to last, in case this turned out to be a long term thing. So, I shopped around for the best cheap beginner sewing machine and was able to get one that was just right.

It all worked out much better than I was expecting. Even though I had thought that alterations were the way to go, I soon discovered that sewing whole garments from scratch was much easier (and less error-prone), than trying to make smaller dresses larger. I enrolled in an online class that taught me sewing basics. Now all I do is shop around for dress patterns online then head out to the fabric store to get the supplies I need. I still love shopping, but now I get more excited about rolls of fabric than a single skirt, because fabric presents many more possibilities.

In just a few months, I’ve made several inexpensive vintage dresses that fit perfectly, although I had several mishaps at the beginning. Once I’ve grown more comfortable with my sewing skills, I think I’m going to try more ambitious projects like sewing for my kids. I can’t wait to start dressing them up in cute vintage outfits too!

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Humidifier for Baby

It may seem unusual but nowadays, most parents are buying humidifiers especially for their little ones. Maybe parents are now more aware of the various diseases that their babies are vulnerable against, such as cold and upper respiratory tract infections, which were very common among children during cold weathers. This is usually due to the low humidity level around the baby, thus a humidifier will help to improve the quality of air and moisture of the house. Having the best baby humidifier hence will not only benefit the baby but also for the adults in the same house.

Studies have been conducted to show the improvement of the baby’s breathing capacity with the help of the humidifier. Low humidity levels will cause mucous membranes to be dry leading to difficulty in breathing in your baby. Therefore the humidifiers will help to keep those mucous membranes moist, helping the baby to breathe easier.
However, some parents may be confuse when buying a humidifier as there are is a vast variety of humidifiers, each specific for certain purposes. Some parents may just opt for the best portable air conditioner when they fail to find a suitable humidifier for their household.

There are various types of humidifier in the market, but most people choose the warm mist and cool mist humidifier, although the former is more preferred. The warm mist humidifier do eliminate microorganisms but it also forces out steaming air which may cause burns to children if they do come in contact with the unit accidentally. It is also encouraged to look for humidifiers with an auto shut off switch to be placed in the baby’s room, as this allows the unit to automatically shut off once the room has reached the set humidity level. Thus, it helps to maintain the optimum condition for your baby’s health as well as in conserving energy.

There are also portable humidifiers equipped with a fan to blow out mist and to disperse mist built in water tanks. But do be aware if you have decided to purchase such humidifiers as it may disperse germs to the air which may harm infants and not adults. Therefore, do make it a habit to clean up the humidifiers regularly to avoid such occurrence. There is also another type known as the Vicks humidifier which is suitable to be used at night as it features a projector that will comfort your child at night besides improving the humidity level of the room.

One advice though, when you are deciding the type of humidifier for the baby’s room, you can also consult your pediatrician for the most suitable type, either the cool mist or the warm mist humidifier if you baby has respiratory problem. Besides, you may need to consider the temperature of your home, especially of the room which you would be placing the humidifier. The ideal temperature would be 65 Fahrenheit for a baby room. A good humidifier for babies would allow the room to rest at this ideal temperature.

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